Wright City Community Food Pantry
521 W Service Rd N, Wright City, MO 63390  (small classroom building behind Wright City Church of the Nazarene)

Made possible by the businesses, people and church ministries of Wright City, Missouri
About Us
Wright City Community Food Pantry is what our name states - a community food pantry.  Our donated items are collected and distributed locally, thanks to Wright City!
   Wright City Community Food Pantry is the culmination of the ideas and convictions of a number of Wright City residents, churches and community leaders.  Since the departure of the last food pantry from the community, many of Wright City have gone unserved.  With the closest pantries being in Warrenton and Wentzville, many of the residents of our community have struggled to get to where assistance was located.  

  Founded in 2016, those who strived to bring a food pantry back to the community in which they live and serve - a growing community of good people - opened the doors at a temporary location - a small building behind the Wright City Church of the Nazarene.  

  While the Nazarene church provides the current space, it is donated.  Part of the building serves as a Sunday school classroom, as well as a 'bulk storage' for any food overflow from the pantry.  The church also donates the power to run the lights.  The website you are reading - donated by a resident in the community.  The workers and leadership of the pantry - all volunteers and residents of Wright City. The food - coming from every church in Wright City and through collection bins at various businesses within the community. Donations are also coming from other individuals inside and outide the community, simply by word of mouth.  Hopefully, you are starting to realize the picture - the pantry is truly brought to you, by your community.

  While all pantries should desire to serve those who need assistance, not all pantries do so with respect for the individual.  Wright City Community Food Pantry is in the community to serve the community and understands that bad things happen to good people.  You won't feel 'singled out', embarassed or be made to feel like less of a person, simply because you are struggling, because this is YOUR food pantry too.  
   As of February 10th, 2018, the pantry will be open the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the month, from 9AM to 12:00PM.  Emergency services are by appointment.  Please understand, our volunteers are just that - volunteers.  They will coordinate with you a mutually agreeable time and day for services.  You can email us through the GET HELP page, or contact any church or Wright City City Hall, to get information on scheduling an appointment

  On occassional Saturdays, we receive perishible fruits, vegetables, dairy and pre-packaged foods.  On normal pantry days, much of this will be distributed to families coming to the pantry that day, however, additional food may arrive after pantry close.  If you would like an opportunity to receive some of this food,  please let us know when we first meet you.  In special cases, this food can be delivered within Wright City.  You are also welcome to stop by and pick up these items, or check in with us to see what may have become available.